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Speaking & Professional Development

Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor, Cognitive Scientist, & Former K-12 teacher. Learn more about her speaking and professional development services.

Speaking & Professional Development

I present keynotes and workshops for thousands of educators in K-12 and higher education around the world. When I facilitate professional development, my research on learning and memory propels my approach. I practice what I preach when it comes to retrieval practice and getting information out using powerful evidence-based strategies.

My keynotes and workshops are:

  • Far from “sit and get.” I model research-based teaching strategies throughout the presentation and I demonstrate how powerful strategies like retrieval practice are actionable. Educators experience evidence-based strategies first-hand and they retain more from professional development, too.

  • Beyond “one and done.” Workshops include a follow-up discussion about successes, challenges, and next steps. I also encourage longer-term collaborations (e.g., monthly virtual conversations or quarterly workshops) to increase the effectiveness and longevity of implementation.

  • Highly interactive, with dedicated time to collaborate in teams, experiment with strategies, and receive immediate feedback.

  • Rigorous and realistic. I have 15 years of expertise as a cognitive scientist, I’m a former K-12 teacher, and I currently teach college students and graduate students. I know research first-hand and I share how I harness it in my own classroom.

  • Practical, including discounted or free copies of my book Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning, as well as practice guides and lesson templates.

  • Customized based on content area, student level, and instructional setting. I also provide a personalized website for attendees. Customized program formats range from a one-hour keynote to a multi-day workshop.

For more information about my professional development programs, download my speaking portfolio and contact me. For examples of my work featured in media, books, and podcasts, visit my news page.

Upcoming Keynotes & Workshops

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November 2019: Learning & the Brain Conference in Boston, MA

October 2019: APA Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Annual Conference on Teaching in Denver, CO

October 2019: Northwest Association of Independent Schools in Tacoma, WA

August 2019: ConnectED Learning in St. Louis, MO

July 2019: Carl Sandburg High School in Chicago, IL

July 2019: Science of Teaching & School Leadership Academy at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Washington, DC


Selected Keynotes & Workshops

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June 2019: Florida Council of Independent Schools

June 2019: Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition Conference

May 2019: West Point, U.S. Military Academy

April 2019: Learning & the Brain Workshop

March 2019: University of Notre Dame

January 2019: The Pingry School

December 2018: Vanderbilt University

November 2018: South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

November 2018: edX

October 2018: Wellesley College

October 2018: St. George’s School

September 2018: LearnLaunch

September 2018: MassBay Community College

June 2018: Latin American School for Education, Cognitive, and Neural Sciences, Chile

February 2018: Ontario Institute for Education, Canada

February 2018: Interlochen Center for the Arts

January 2018: Berklee College of Music

November 2017: Learning & the Brain Conference

October 2017: iNACOL

July 2017: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

October 2016: Dartmouth College

October 2016: Rutgers University

July 2016: Federal Reserve Bank

March 2016: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

February 2015: Milton Academy

January 2014: National Association of State Boards of Education

November 2013: EdCog at McMaster University, Canada

August 2012: University of Texas at Austin

June 2011: Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal