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Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor, Cognitive Scientist, & Former K-12 teacher. Learn about her work featured in recent news outlets, podcasts, and more.

News & Media Appearances

I am fortunate to share the science of learning with news outlets, podcasts, and educators around the world.

Highlights from my print, book, and podcast features:

  • Research featured in the New York Times, Scientific American, TIME Magazine, and newspapers around the world

  • Applications of the science of learning in education featured on numerous podcasts, including the Cult of Pedagogy and Teaching in Higher Ed

If you would like to feature my work, please contact me and download my media kit for more information.

Recent Press

June 18, 2019: Podcast interview with ISTE’s Course of Mind

June 9, 2019: Podcast interview with Jennifer Gonzalez on The Cult of Pedagogy

May 17, 2019: Book review in the Learning & the Brain Blog

February 7, 2019: Interview with the HUBweek Change Makers

December 11, 2018: Article in eSchool News by Stacey Pusey, “3 ways to help students access their knowledge”

December 6, 2018: Podcast interview with Abigail Gray and the Consortium for Policy Research in Education

November 26, 2018: Lead article in Phi Delta Kappan, co-authored with Henry L. Roediger, III, “Lessons for learning: How cognitive psychology informs classroom practice”

November 5, 2018: Featured webinar with Digital Promise and edWeb (recording available), co-facilitated with Patrice M. Bain

October 13, 2018: Podcast interview with Jamie Clark and the Staffroom

August 4, 2018: Youtube interview and article with The Learning Agency

July 24, 2018: Featured article in EdSurge, “You’re already harnessing the science of learning (you just don’t know it)”

December 21, 2017: Podcast interview with Bonni Stachowiak and Teaching in Higher Ed

December 17, 2017: YouTube interview with Matt Miller and Ditch That Textbook

November 8, 2017: Blog article for Noba, “Retrieval practice: The what, why, and how for classroom instruction”

November 3, 2017: Interview with Andrew Watson and Learning & the Brain

September 24, 2017: Podcast interview with Jennifer Gonzalez and Cult of Pedagogy

October 12, 2016: YouTube interview and article with Digital Promise