As a K-12 educator, witnessing successful learning firsthand is enormously rewarding. Whether I was teaching in inner city classrooms or suburban classrooms, in St. Louis or in Chicago, building a connection with a student and helping them learn a new idea was captivating. It was these early experiences in K-12 classrooms that propelled my passion for understanding and improving learning.

As for higher education, I deeply appreciate the vast influence of a college or university experience on students’ development and careers. Just as one college course set me on my lifelong path, I strive to instill curiosity in others. I value the enormous responsibility of shaping learning, challenging ideas, and mentoring students. As an Assistant Professor at the Berklee College of Music, I teach psychological science to exceptional undergraduate music students. Psychology and cognitive science are relevant for all walks of life, particularly artists, performers, and writers.

My research on learning and memory propels my teaching. Most recently, I taught two courses at Washington University in St. Louis: "The Science of Effective Study Strategies" (based largely on this article) and "The Science and Politics of Testing in the United States" (based largely on my experience as Illinois’ Director of K-12 Assessment). In my courses, I integrate strategies derived from cognitive science, including retrieval practice, distributed practice, and frequent feedback. Students not only learn about psychological science; they engage in its benefits firsthand.

Feel free to contact me to request my syllabi or share your thoughts about teaching.